India Westbrooks Facts

India Westbrooks Facts
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  1. What is India Westbrooks ethnicity ?
    Mixed — Black, Mexican, Creole, Indian
  2. How old is India Westbrooks / What is her Birthdate?
    Born in February of 1994
  3. Is India Westbrooks single?
    No. Her boyfriend is known as “Robinson”, birth name Ron Robinson
  4. India Westbrooks the youngest of the Westbrooks Girls?
  5. How Tall is India Westbrooks?
    5″3 … most days
  6. What sports has India Westbrooks played?
    Soccer for school.
  7. What is India Westbrooks full name?
    India Love Westbrooks
  8. Why Is India Westbrooks famous / popular?
    The Westbrooks girls have blogged A LOT of pictures around the web. Followers gathered gradually.
  9. Is India Westbrooks rich?
    Not yet but she’s the child of very successful parents.
  10. India Westbrooks have a real facebook?
  11. Is India Westbrooks in college?
    Not yet but almost.
  12. What is India Westbrooks high school?
    Santiago High School in California.
  13. How many piercings has India had?
    8 total known. 3 in each ear, belly ring, & nose ring.
  14. Is India Westbrooks nose pierced now?
    Not anymore, according to fan blogs.
  15. What hair products does India Westbrooks use?
    Garnier Fructice leave in hair conditioner.
  16. Where is India Westbrooks from?
    Compton, California
  17. Where Is India Westbrooks currently living as of 2012?
    Corona, Califnoria.
  18. What business does the Westbrooks family own?
    Royal Blunts, a popular California Landscaping company, & formerly a Pit Bull Terrier dogs kennel
  19. What are India Westbrooks favorite colors?
    Pink, Orange, and PinkishOrange
  20. What is India Westbrooks favorite food?
    French Fries!
  21. What is India Westbrooks favorite drink?
    OJ aka Orange Juice
  22. What does India Love want to do with her fame?
    Model [ commercial . fashion ]
  23. Does India Westbrooks have tattoos?
  24. What are India’s favorite sneakers?
    Nike Air Ken Griffeys & Nike Diamond Turfs
  25. Does India Westbrooks have a job?
  26. Is India Love Westbrooks a cheerleader?
    Years ago India was a cheerleader and drill squad member. She has since removed herself from these athletics.
  27. Does India Westbrooks drink or smoke?
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