India Westbrooks Reality Show

India Westbrooks Reality Show


Should India Westbrooks and family be a part of a reality show? We think so! But would she like it? Being famous can have it’s downturns. She is already famous on the tumblr and the internet as a whole but being famous on TV is totally different. It’ll bring in a lot of change for the Westbrooks family. The kind of change that maybe some of them would like and some other not. Imagine all your secrets being exposed on national TV. That’s definitely not fun. Even if there are no real secrets, the way reality shows are edited could be very deceptive. You could edit an argument and make them sound phony or dumb. India Westbrooks and family wouldn’t like that and I’m sure her fans wouldn’t either. Maybe if they had final edit control, then maybe they could make sure only the truth was put out into the masses. Ok I’m focusing too much on the negative. There are plenty of positives as well. Some people really like being famous. You are loved by many people and lots of people want to be just like you. There are lots of people right now that are already copying her dress style. There’s also the allure of money. I have no doubt that if there’s a reality show based on India Westbrooks, that the show would be a huge smash. India Westbrooks and family are all very likable and their personalities are awesome. So they’ll definitely ┬ábringing in the cash. They’ll be a huge success in no time.



What do you guys think? Should India Westbrooks and family do a reality show? Why or why not? Leave your comments below. Your comments very well might influence them to do it.

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